Monday, February 15, 2016

Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop

"The Dean" Can Help You Start Your Own Business In 7 To 14 Days!

Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
SAT, MAR 19TH 2016 - SAT, APR 2ND 2016
Do you want more money for your family and God's work?
Do you want to create many income streams -- and not just depend on your job?
Do you want to "fire" your company and own your time?
Do you want to start your own business?
This may be the answer to your prayers...
My Desire For You: Financial Freedom

Only Serious Students Please!

Sorry, but The Dean doesn't want to waste his time. The Dean will only accept very serious people who really, truly, passionately, want to start a business. No tire-kickers. No dreamers-without-action. In fact, he's putting 3 obstacles -- so you'll prove to him if you really are worthy to be one of the students of the Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop.
  1. The Workshop will involve Hard Work.
    You'll be with The Dean for two Saturdays. But between those two Saturdays, you'll be thinking about your product or service. That week will involve a lot of frenzied planning that may mean a few sleepless nights. But that's the only way to start a new business.
  2. The Workshop Costs Money
    In the Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop, you'll go home with a real plan with a real product that YOU created.
  3. 3. The Workshop Is For A Limited Group Only
    The Dean will only accept 49 students for the Entrepreneurs Workshop. So he and his team of coaches can give their full attention to you. When we reach 49, we close the doors.
"Big Smile On Your Face" 
Or Your Money-Back Guarantee 
Plus P1000 For Your Lost Time

Or join the Truly Rich Club.  Let Bo Sanchez tell you more about the TrulyRichClub


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